2 thoughts on “Practice Podcast”

  1. This is really cool! Just tonight we were talking about different tools for reflection that we could use. An audio file is another way. Are there certain things you are planning to post in mp3 form instead of a written blog? What will you use this for?

    1. I was considering hosting podcasts of someone’s math lectures, and that’s what I was imagining using for in the future. I personally wish I had podcasts of math lectures while I’m driving (though I’ve never really looked for them, honestly), because playing audio is easier and uses less data and battery than playing a video. Like when I was on my way to my SPU stats classes, I’d listen to a lecture about the topic to prep myself for the class.

      I’d like to think about ways to use this for the coursework too, though! I’ll ponder that reflection idea. Let me know if there’s anything I can help with if you end up putting podcasts on your site.

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