Update: I would like to leave my old “about” info for now, but I have completed the master’s program. Woohoo!


My name is Orlala Wentink. I have a bachelor’s degree in math and physics. Currently, I am a graduate student in the School of Education, working on my PhD in Education and MEd in Digital Education Leadership (DEL). I am also working on my MS in Mathematics so I can teach math at the college level. Lastly, as a graduate student, I also work with the Physics Department doing Physics Education Research (PER).

The primary focus of this blog is for my work in the DEL program, and as a graduate student and aspiring teacher, I sometimes blog from my student-self and sometimes from my future-teacher-self. Through my work in the DEL program, I continue to develop my “DEL-self” as a leader in educational technology. With that in mind, I thought it would be valuable to keep an ongoing list of technologies I feel I could offer assistance with – in educational settings or not.

Using the Internet to self-teach and troubleshoot are important and valuable skills, but sometimes you just want to ask for help. Feel free to reach out to me for help with the following digital tools (or even if your tool isn’t on this list, you can try me); I’m willing to do what I can to offer assistance! I’m not claiming expertise in all of these things, but I feel I can offer some level of help, at the very least.

Here are also some activities I feel I could offer assistance with:

  • Searching for journal articles via a university library
  • Pointers on creating transcripts

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